Background Check, Cell Phone Investigations, GPS Tracking, Network Security and Penetration Testing

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Data Recovery, Digital Evidence Analysis, Digital Evidence Preservation, E-mail Tracing, Financial Funds Investigation

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Adoption-Finding Parents/Children, Child Custody, Cyber Stalking, Infidelity, Missing Persons, Public Records Search

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Accidental Deaths, Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, Death Scene Analysis, Homicides, Suicides, Wrongful Death Cases

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3D Animations, Computer Generated 3-D Scenes, Event Data Recorder Imaging and Analysis, Forensic Mapping

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About Stidham Reconstruction and Investigation

SRI is a private investigation and forensic reconstruction agency that is unmatched in our abilities to serve our clients. We were founded in 1998 with one simple goal – Provide the best and unrivaled services within our profession. Our team of licensed investigators are trained and certified in multiple disciplines within our field giving SRI capabilities that no other investigative agency has. We have designed this website to highlight the disciplines within our profession in which SRI has highly-skilled certified expert investigators.

SRI has been assisting clients since 1998 with a reputation of providing honest, ethical, and hard-nosed investigative services. Our reputation is rooted in strict confidentiality and trustworthiness with a goal of providing our clients clear evidence and peace of mind in resolving any complex situation. We have a thorough understanding and knowledge of all laws, rules, and regulations that govern your case.  We are licensed in the state of Kentucky and surrounding areas for private investigation and are available to help 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We continuously invest in the most up to date training, the latest and greatest technology and equipment.  We make sure we have the resources and equipment to service any need you may have, adding a true team concept to every case.  SRI is comprised of highly trained and specialized investigative experts. Our clients will tell you no one will outwork us.

Joey Stidham, owner of SRI, is a former Kentucky State police officer with extensive investigation and reconstruction experience. Joey has interviewed thousands of individuals in all types of cases and investigated virtually every type of incident ranging from white-collar crime to federal death penalty cases. In addition, he has achieved the highest level of training in these areas and continues his belief in training by requiring the same of all our team members.  As stated by some members of the Kentucky State Police, “SRI finds evidence that no one else can”.

Every case is individual and confidential.  We offer a FREE analysis and customize our services to best fit your need. Contacting us is easy.  Fill out the form on the right-hand side of this page, email us at or simply call us on our main line at (606) 279-6043, toll free: (855) 862-6043, or after hours at (606) 275-6043.  We are here to help.

People ask us Why SRI? Here is what we say: With 60+ years of combined law enforcement and investigative experience SRI has invaluable knowledge of what people need to prove their case.

As a testament to our dedication, and professionalism to our clients SRI has continuously grown for 18 years and now has two offices to better serve our clients. Our newest office is located in Bowling Green, KY.


Presentation of Services SRI has to offer:

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