SRI’ s vision is to always be on the forefront of technology. We realize that in virtually every case there is some type of digital evidence. In the days before computers detectives used fingerprints to prove cases. Now in the 21st century SRI’s certified digital investigator uses virtual footprints as evidence to prove what occurred. With this evidence used in conjunction with our team approach to cases we give our clients evidence that is forensically solid to prove their case.

In today’s digital world it is almost impossible not to leave some type of a virtual footprint or profile. We are very dependent on our phones, tablets, infotainment systems, navigation systems and computers. Much like leaving DNA at a crime scene, the digital world can provide evidence just as compelling.

Jason Woods Digital Forensic Specialist

Jason Woods, Digital Investigator

SRI has a highly trained licensed and certified, digital forensic expert investigator, Jason Woods. Jason is an expert at finding any and all digital evidence of questionable activity including deleted files, Illegal and immoral activity, hiding information or funds, as well as many other activities.

In almost every legal matter, critical and relevant evidence is electronically stored on computers, tablets, phones, infotainment systems, and navigation systems. Whether you are a parent trying to check on your child or a business owner or corporate representative, Jason can get the answers the you need.

SRI has the equipment and training necessary to conduct these forensically sound investigations at the highest levels. We are equipped with the best programs and hardware available in the field.  Jason is also trained and certified by EC Council to insure proper collection, handling and examination of your evidence to avoid spoliation so that it passes legal muster and can be used in court to help prove your case.

Digital Forensics Can Help You:

  • Determine if evidence has been modified or tampered with.

  • Discover or prove if the opposition is “guilty” of wrongdoing.

  • Find the “Smoking Gun” in your case or to prove that you are innocent.

  • Help you determine which devices need to be investigated.

  • Offer strategies regarding the report findings.

  • Provide facts that are backed up by the forensic community.

  • Testify in court as an expert witness.


Jason Woods, Digital Investigator