Everyone has seen pictures of horrific semi-truck accidents on the news. However, even after seeing the pictures, most people do not understand the forces involved when a forty to fifty-ton truck and a passenger vehicle collide.

The reconstruction of a commercial motor vehicle traffic collision requires specialized training beyond that of the average traffic collision reconstructionist. It also requires detail knowledge of the federal motor carrier safety regulations, the ability to identify and address trucking safety issues, a detailed knowledge of the mechanics of a commercial motor vehicle and knowledge of the dynamics of a commercial vehicle. Joey Stidham, the owner of SRI has the highest level of training offered by the Institute of Police technologies and Management. This training and over 26 years of experience gives Joey the knowledge of mechanics, Training by Bendix Brakes gives Joey the certification of an Air Brake Specialist but more importantly detailed knowledge of air brake systems, training and an in depth knowledge of the FMCSR, and trucking safety is beyond what he learned as a trooper. Testing during his training gives Joey knowledge of the dynamics of commercial motor vehicles to fulfill virtually any need you may have.

SRI is a registered motor carrier USDOT # 2582698. Joseph Stidham is the Safety and Compliance Officer while SRI’s Associate mechanic Roy Head is the DOT certified mechanic for SRI.

Joseph Stidham is a certified annual safety inspector in addition SRI has an associate diesel mechanic certified under FMCSR rules as a diesel mechanic and brake inspector. Roy Head has been in the field of diesel mechanics for most of his life. He assists with the safety inspections of trucks and vehicles anytime SRI needs his service his vast knowledge has assisted in finding and proving the cause of several collisions in recent years.

Over the years the technology of these trucks systems has risen to the level that they have systems that can track every movement of the truck, engine control modules record data including possible crash data, the engine’s themselves are communicating with the manufacturer and fleet safety managers when a fault code or hard brake event is logged, the telematics systems are recording and uploading crash event data in live time. Brake manufacturers are developing systems that have forward sensing radars that are in cooperated with the camera system and braking system which will alert drivers and apply the brakes in the event of an impending crash. These are a few of the technological advances that are in place.

SRI is committed to remain on the forefront of this technology. As such our owner Joseph Stidham has been trained to image the ECM’s in these vehicles and SRI has acquired the hardware and software to image these ECM’s through the diagnostic port, directly to the ECM while it is mounted to the engine, and taking the ECM to a bench top and forensically imaging the ECM without artificially setting a fault code.

Taking a step beyond SRI recruited and hired Tony Becker. Tony has been imaging ECM’s for years and while an instructor at IPTM wrote the training curriculum and taught the course to reconstrucitonists all over the world in imaging ECM’s.  Further Tony is the designated trainer for http://synercontechnologies.com/. Synercon has developed a forensically acceptable way of imaging ECM’s without the manufacturer’s software including a bench top image.

SRI is a registered motor carrier USDOT # 2582698. Joseph Stidham is the Safety and Compliance Officer while SRI’s Associate mechanic Roy Head is the DOT certified mechanic for SRI.

These capabilities combined team approach with SRI’s vast digital investigation tools put us on the forefront of the CMV traffic collision reconstruction.


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