SRI was established in 1998 and from the beginning we have been involved in criminal and civil investigations. Our reputation as fierce investigators for the truth is well known among attorneys and courts across KY.

We know that police across our state are severely overworked and simply do not have the time required to completely investigate cases.  There are also limitations placed on them by their crime lab which sometimes limits even testing the evidence collected. There are other times that individuals and businesses simply do not want to involve the police but need to know answers.  SRI is a private investigation company that is not restricted by the time limitations our police have. This gives us the opportunity to look deeper and analyze evidence that is commonly overlooked or simply not collected at all.

One of SRI’s investigators, Shelly Rice, has been trained as a Crime Scene Investigator, Crime Scene Reconstructionist, and Blood Pattern Analyst/Interpreter. With Shelly ‘s skills our company is unrivaled in what we offer our clients.

SRI has successfully investigated all types of cases over the years with numerous acquittals in assault, rape, and murder cases in state court. We have also successfully defended cases in federal court acheiving acquittals in vote buying cases, preventing individuals from ever being charged, and getting numerous cases and charges dismissed at the court of appeals.

We realize that SRI’s services are also needed to private individuals and business when these entities do not want or need the police involved. When these incidents occur, and you need confidential answers, SRI stands ready to assist you. We have successfully assisted numerous businesses in diffusing potentially explosive situations.

When you need help we are here.

Criminal/Incident Investigation Services:

  • 3-D Animation
  • 3-D Modeling of the Scene
  • Audio Analysis and Enhancement
  • Case Analysis
  • Case Research
  • Cell Phone Record Analysis and Location Mapping
  • Computer and Cell Phone Forensics
  • Crime Scene/Incident Scene Reconstruction
  • Evidence Inspection Interpretation and Analysis
  • Evidence Location, Interpretation and Analysis
  • Forensic Mapping of the Scene
  • Scene investigation and documentation
  • Video Analysis and Enhancement
  • Witness Background Checks
  • Witness and Interested Parties Social Media Investigations
  • Witness and Interested Parties Internet Investigations
  • Witness Location and Interviewing

Reference Materials

Tools of the Profession


Owner Joey Stidham joins Midday Kentucky to discuss why clients hire SRI for private investigative services: