SRI’s team understands the emotions attached to domestic investigations.  We are equipped and trained to deal with sensitive issues involving your children, spouse or anyone of interest. Our reputation is rooted in strict confidentiality and trust with a goal to provide our clients clear evidence or peace of mind in resolving any complex situation.

Our investigators are trained and up-to-date on the latest family law so we understand what is required to prove your case AND how to get the information we obtain admitted into court.

Over the years, we have assisted families facing issues related to adolescence substance abuse as well as partner infidelity and virtually every other scenario that a modern day family faces.

We are here to help you during these difficult times… Confidentially and FAST.

We understand that some family issues are confidential, need to be kept private, and do not need to be handled in a criminal court.  SRI is confidential and reports only to you and/or your attorney.

Domestic Investigation Services

  • Adoption-Finding Parents/Children
  • Audio Enhancement and Editing
  • Cell Phone Message and Call Recovery
  • Child Custody
  • Covert Video Surveillance Systems
  • Cyber Stalking Investigation
  • Deleted/Hidden File Recovery
  • Deleted/Hidden History Recovery
  • Digital Evidence Analysis
  • Digital Evidence Preservation
  • E-mail Tracing and Surveillance
  • Forensic Hard Drive Imaging
  • GPS Tracking (Vehicle Location and Tracking, Asset Tracking and Management, Employee Location and Tracking)
  • Infidelity
  • Missing Persons
  • Phone Log Analysis and Call Locations
  • Photo Enhancement/Editing/Enlargement
  • Public Records Search
  • Social Network Monitoring
  • Stalking Surveillance: Stalker Identification, Cell Phone Spyware Removal
  • Video Enhancement and Editing
  • Witness Location and Interviewing

Trial Presentations/PowerPoint Presentations

  • Trial Exhibits
  • Trial Visual Equipment
  • Visual Demonstrations