SRI is dedicated to being on the forefront and cutting edge of technology. We’ve developed a strong relationship with Trimble Forensics (formerly Visual Statement), the oldest and premier developer of forensically sound traffic collision reconstruction software, including 3-D animation modules.  SRI uses this technology to create forensically accurate animations for our clients.


SRI incorporates the use of drone technology and 3-D modeling software to create life-like, to scale, forensically accurate 3-D models of collision scenes. Our geospatial mapping specialist Jeremy Woods was trained in the Marine Corp to use drones and total stations to create forensic maps. Jeremy is pioneering this technology for private usage in a forensic manner. The methodology Jeremy has pioneered has been sent to Trimble forensic team for their review. Trimble is incorporating this methodology into their training modules.  These models combined with forensic maps are then loaded into Trimble Forensic’s Edge Fx Software. After the scene model is created to forensically and visually accurate levels, the 3-D Forensic Animation module of Trimble Forensic’s Edge Fx software is used to make the 3-D forensic animation accurate to the traffic collision reconstruction analysis.  The software generates a report that identifies each individual movement of every part of the animation.

The result of this process is lifelike, to scale, forensically accurate 3-D animations and models of scenes that are simply game changers.

Seeing is believing so we have included some of our recent animations: