SRI is trusted by more than 800 attorneys in the state of Kentucky. We provide crime/incident scene analysis and reconstruction services for a variety of cases.

Crime scene reconstruction can be described as figuring out what occurred in a moment of time without having all of the information or video proof of what occurred. The tools needed are both modern day forensics and physical evidence. In some cases, what occurred in a particular moment of time can be determined without those pieces, however the more evidence the reconstructionist has, the clearer the details of the events.

SRI can provide a variety of crime scene reconstruction services including bloodstain pattern analysis and shooting incident reconstruction. We can also evaluate death scenes in equivocal death investigations to determine the manner of death. SRI can process physical evidence for fingerprints; collect blood and biological evidence for submission to a DNA laboratory; search crime scenes for trace evidence and invisible blood; photograph and videotape scenes and physical evidence; and create diagrams of crime scenes and reconstruction efforts. We have both an on-site and mobile forensic lab. In addition, our team has the tools and equipment necessary to collect and analyze evidence, which other companies and/or police agencies typically do not have.

SRI’s reconstruction team is comprised of Shelly Rice and Jeremy Woods, our certified and trained crime scene investigators. Shelly and Jeremy are highly qualified and to our knowledge, are the only private crime scene reconstructionists in the state of Kentucky that hold their specific certifications. By any standard, both Shelly and Jeremy are the real life CSI’s.

In addition to being a certified crime scene investigator, Shelly has also been qualified in the state courts as a crime scene investigator and crime scene reconstructionist; a highly regarded qualification. She also holds a proficiency in crime scene investigation established by The Institute of Police Technologies Management.

Crime Scene/Incident Scene Reconstruction Services

  • Accidental Deaths
  • Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
  • Death Scene Analysis
  • Equivocal Death Analysis
  • Firearms, Ballistics & Shooting Incident Reconstruction
  • Homicides
  • Phone Log Analysis and Call Locations
  • Photo Enhancement/Editing/Enlargement
  • Process Service
  • Police-Involved Shooting Incidents
  • Product Liability/Defective Firearms
  • Sequence of Events
  • Suicides
  • Video Enhancement and Editing
  • Witness Location and Interviewing
  • Wrongful Death Cases

Trial Presentations/PowerPoint Presentations

  • Trial Exhibits
  • Trial Visual Equipment
  • Visual Demonstrations

Crime Scene Reconstruction Lab

Blood Pattern Interpretation Certification
Crime Scene Processing Certification
Crime Scene Reconstruction Certification
Crime Scene Shooting Reconstruction Certification
Homicide Investigation CertificationLicensed Private Investigator

Shelly Rice Crime Scene Investigator Certificate Of Proficiency

Jeremy Woods, CSI/Forensic Reconstructionist




Curriculum Vitae

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