Commercial Vehicle Technology has improved over the years and SRI has continued to build on its expertise to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to utilizing the increased tools now available to commercial vehicles.  Below are just a few examples.

Engine Control Modules:

In recent years, the technology in commercial vehicles has increased exponentially. For years, the gold standard was the engine control module (ECM). While the data contained in this module is critical to determining the actions of a driver the technology in some CMV’s far exceed the (ECM) in today’s data driven environment. SRI has two traffic crash reconstructionist trained and certified in forensic imaging of CMV ECM’s.  SRI has the latest technology available to image the ECM in a CMV no matter how the data must be imaged. Currently there are three accepted ways to obtain this data forensically.

The most common and preferred method is through the data port in the truck.



Second is attaching directly to the ECM while the ECM is still in the truck.



The third way is to take the ECM out of the truck and do a bench top image.



A benchtop image has the potential of setting fault codes in the system that were not present at the time of the collision if not done so in conjunction with a truck simulator.

SRI uses the Forensic Link Adapter (FLA) developed by Synercon Technology ( to forensically download information from heavy vehicle event data recorders (HVEDRs) over the J1939 and J1708 networks. The FLA can also be used as a forensic RP1210 compliant device with OEM software. The FLA employs patent pending technology to prevent a user from altering the digital records from HVEDRs and it securely downloads, preserves, and authenticates digital forensic data.

SRI also uses Synercon Smart Sensor Simulators (SSSs) that emulate the electronic systems of a truck. This technology enables investigators to download electronic control modules from damaged vehicles and perform a forensically sound bench-top image. The SSS are designed to provide a fault-free environment for a forensic download of the ECM data. The SSS reduces the chance of setting new fault codes and overwriting valuable digital forensic data that may be related to a crash.

No matter what the situation SRI can forensically image these modules.

SRI Technology

Crash Data Reference Guide:

SRI utilizes the following quick reference guide to identify if a truck may contain crash data:

SRI Electronic Control Module Quick Reference Guide

Navigation/GPS units:

Whether it be a factory installed navigation system or an aftermarket GPS unit SRI has the technology to forensically image the data contained in these systems. This data typically contains breadcrumbs that contains GPS location, heading, and speed. This data is highly valuable in proving what occurred in a traffic collision.


Collision avoidance systems:

Many trucks today have collision avoidance systems. The technology is slowly becoming available to the public to image these systems. As this technology becomes available SRI will acquire it. However, for no the system has to be removed from the truck and sent to the manufacturer to be imaged and or obtained from the fleet safety manager as many of these systems will now upload the data to the fleet safety manager.



There are numerous systems in use today. Some of these have hardware installed in trucks such as Omnitracs and Peoplenet however, there are numerous systems that are smart phone and tablet based. SRI has the technology to image virtually any cell phone or tablet however systems like Onmitracs and Peoplenet the data has to be obtained through the discovery process.


ABS Systems:

Depending on the type of system the data from the ABS module can be imaged. While the exact speed of the truck may not be obtained from these systems the average speed of the truck may be determined. Further whether the ABS system was functioning properly can be determined.