Airbag control module:


Polk Audio in 2011 estimated that 40% of all vehicles have some type of event data recorder, “Black Box”.  In today’s world, this percentage is much higher that is why SRI has invested and keeps up to date the technology and hardware to image these onboard recording devices known as event data recorders.

SRI has licensed investigators that have been trained by the Institute of Police technology and management in imaging the event data recorder in vehicles.  Joey Stidham and Tony Becker are well trained in analyzing data contained in the module as it relates to a traffic collision.  Both have a working knowledge of the factors that can validate and or invalidate the data contained in the modules.

The data contained in these event data recorders must always be used in conjunction with a scene reconstruction so the validity of the data in the event data recorder can compared to the Reconstruction findings which validates the data.

Testing has proven when all factors influencing the event data recorders they have a 4% margin of error.



Infotainment systems:


Most vehicles sold today contain systems that connect a person’s smart phone to the vehicle via Bluetooth. When this connection is made the phones, data may be stored in the vehicle’s systems.Items like text messages, phone calls, internet searches, social media messages, photographs, contacts, videos, documents, gps location, speed of vehicle all may be stored within the vehicles system. SRI has acquired the technology to forensically image this data form the vehicles system. This data may also include the deployment or near deployment of the air bag system including the date and time. With this information things such as text messages and or phone calls can directly be related to the traffic collision.


Vehicle Navigation Systems:


Whether it be a factory installed navigation system or an aftermarket gps unit SRI has the technology to forensically image the data contained in these systems. This data typically contains breadcrumbs that contains gps location, heading, and speed. This data is highly valuable in proving what occurred in a traffic collision.