Employees are the heart and soul of a company, but can also be one of the most costly.  We understand the necessity of monitoring employee activity at or away from the office. Your company’s time is a valuable asset!

Investigation of employee conduct is complex.  Companies cannot always call the police when internal issues arise, and we offer an investigative medium that is confidential and controlled by the company. SRI is a private investigative company that is natural fit for business investigations. SRI has expert investigators in multiple investigative disciplines. Whether it is an incident scene investigation collecting physical evidence such as fingerprints and DNA, a digital investigation tracking what an employee did with company electronics or simply old fashioned gum shoe detective work tracking down witnesses and where an employee was, SRI has you covered with unprecedented skills and technology at our fingertips. We are here to help fix your problems and help ensure you have the right employees and are protected against critical human resource decisions.

A sample of what SRI can do for you:

  • Audio Enhancement and Editing
  • Background Check
  • Cell Phone Investigations
  • Covert Video Surveillance Systems
  • GPS Tracking (Vehicle, Asset and Employee Location and Tracking)
  • Internet Background Investigations
  • Network Security and Penetration Testing
  • Online Monitoring
  • Phone Log analysis and Call Locations
  • Photo Enhancement/Editing/Enlargement
  • Process Service
  • Public Record Search
  • Social Network Investigations
  • Surveillance Including Digital Surveillance
  • Video Enhancement and Editing
  • Witness Location and Interviewing
  • Workers Compensation Investigations

If you find yourself in a position that requires you to terminate an employee, in today’s legal climate, YOU MUST take care to PROTECT YOURSELF. When you find yourself in this dilemma, SRI can help. From a digital investigation of the employee’s assigned computer revealing everything he/she looked at on the internet, and their every keystroke while they were working for you, to simply guarding your company’s reputation, we are ready to help you.

SRI was recently retained to check the computer usage of an employee that had just been terminated. We determined that 63% of the time the company was paying the employee to work, they were actually on some type of social media. When this evidence was given to the KY Labor Cabinet the case was closed.