Do you feel like an employee, spouse, child or loved one is not conducting themselves in a ethical, legal or moral manor? Over the years, we have assisted families facing issues related to adolescence substance abuse as well as partner infidelity and virtually every other scenario that a modern day family faces. Additionally, companies cannot always call the police when internal issues arise.  We offer an investigative medium that is confidential and controlled by the company.  We are here to help fix your problems. Confidentially and FAST. We’re available 24/7.

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Business Services

Pre-employment and employment investigative services such as background check, social network investigations, surveillance, online monitoring, workers compensation investigations, and more. Click here for a complete list of our Business Services.

Digital Investigation Services

Unfortunately, in today’s world the vast majority of domestic issues are tied to some type of digital activity. That is why SRI has a highly trained digital forensic investigator. We are experts at finding deleted files and evidence of questionable activity including illegal, immoral, hiding information or funds and many others on any digital device.  Computer, cell phone, tablet, etc.  Digital Investigation services include Forensic hard drive imaging, digital evidence preservation, digital evidence analysis, deleted/hidden file recovery, deleted/hidden history recovery and more. We realize that digital activity is not video or photographic proof of what is occurring. SRI has investigators trained by the US Marines in military intelligence to gather this evidence. We stand ready to assist you through these emotional and stressful times. Click here for a complete list or our Digital Investigations Services.

Domestic Investigation Services

Infidelity, child custody, e-mail tracing, GPS tracking, computer monitoring, cell phone monitoring and forensics (Vehicle location and tracking, asset tracking and management, employee location and tracking), missing persons, E-mail tracing and surveillance are a few of the ways we can help you handle your domestic issue. Please click here for a complete list of our Domestic Investigations Services.