SRI was formed out of necessity in 1998 – to meet the need for a private investigative agency that would investigate matters that others simply couldn’t or wouldn’t. Since then, SRI has been asked countless times to help investigate claims of abuse and neglect in nursing homes. From these investigations, we have learned that there are many good people working in nursing homes. But, we have also learned that there are many individuals working in nursing homes that really should not be there. Unfortunately, we have also learned that many nursing homes do not have enough staff to service the needs of their patients, nor do they have enough trained staff to treat their patients.

Because today’s healthcare industry has intricate rules and regulations – requiring years on the job to learn, and because these rules are constantly changing, we have a registered nurse investigator on staff. Her background and credentials are invaluable. With her firsthand knowledge of nursing and care standards, she makes our investigations successful…where others often fail.

While most nursing home investigations go back to the roots of all investigation – gumshoe detective work, i.e., simply knocking on the doors of family members of patients, former employees, and former residents, and conducting interviews of these witnesses, we at SRI utilize technology to its fullest potential. If your loved one or client is still in a nursing home – and you are unsure of whether there is abuse, we have the investigative expertise and technology that may give you the definitive answers you need.

Some, but not all, of the services we offer include:

  • Review of medical records for potential care issues.
  • Timeline of care vs. payroll and time cards
  • Percentage of possible time with each patient
  • Identification, location, and interviewing of witnesses
  • Collection of all state and federal agency documents regarding the nursing home
  • Deployment of technology to assist you
  • Social media investigations
  • Review of the billing for the facility
  • Review of the payroll for the facility
  • Location of other incidents in the facility

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